Example SNPs from SNPedia

rs53576 in the oxytocin receptor influences social behavior and personality
rs1815739 muscle performance
rs7412 and rs429358 can raise the risk of Alzheimer's disease by more than 10x
rs6152 can influence baldness
rs333 resistance to HIV
rs1800497 in a dopamine receptor may influence the sense of pleasure
rs1805007 determines red hair and sensitivity to anesthetics
rs9939609 triggers obesity and type-2 diabetes
rs662799 prevents weight gain from high fat diets
rs7495174 green eye color and rs12913832 for blue eye color
rs7903146 in 3% of the population greatly increases the risk of type-2 diabetes
rs12255372 linked to type-2 diabetes and breast cancer
rs1799971 makes alcohol cravings stronger
rs17822931 determines earwax, sweating and body odor
rs4680 varied cognitive effects
rs1333049 coronary heart disease
rs1051730 and rs3750344 nicotine dependence
rs4988235 lactose intolerance